Buy now! One-time exclusive Brexit offer!

Official Britain is all in a tizzy. They are going to get an exclusive Brexit deal from the EU! Different from what international hoi polloi gets!

The pound has managed to stay above the $1.30 mark, after comments from Michel Barnier boosted hopes that a Brexit deal will be struck.

The EU’s chief negotiator said “we are prepared to offer Britain a partnership such as there never has been with any other third country”.

Is Barnier a used-car salesman? Is he mocking the UK? It’s like he read pop sociology about the British, and realised, they don’t care what you offer them, as long as it’s exclusive. They’ll eat shit, as long as you tell them they’re getting special access to rare hand-selected microturds.

2 thoughts on “Buy now! One-time exclusive Brexit offer!”

  1. Sorry Barnier, that’™s too much French pea countingl. What Brits really want: “Brexits on sale – get 3 for the price of 2” Julia

  2. The secret of great salespeople = make a potential buyer drool at your offer. It works on many. Last one left, let me check with the office if we have any more, your will be the newest model, etc.

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