Last chopper out of Dallas

So, two weeks ago we had desperate people fleeing the exultant entry of misogynistic religious extremists into Kabul:

Not Texas

This week we had desperate people fleeing another group of misogynistic religious extremists in Dallas:


Salesforce CEO Mark Beinoff said the company will help employees move out of Texas if they so choose after the state’s Republican governor signed a strict ban on abortions. “Ohana if you want to move we’ll help you exit TX,” Beinoff tweeted Friday, sharing a link to a CNBC article about the company’s decision.

Obviously, the suffering of Afghan women under the Taliban is vastly more than that of Texan women under the Republicans. But I hear the US Air Force has some C-17s that are currently between missions…

Possibly we misheard Michael Gove

From The Guardian today:

Gove has been subjected to a lot of mockery for supposedly having dismissed the value of (economic) expertise during the Brexit referendum campaign, but perhaps he was misquoted. Maybe what he really said was

people in this country have had enough of exports.