But who is she laughing at?

From the FT:

Mrs May has stabilised her situation in recent days. Her parliamentary performances have been solid, while Mr Corbyn has failed to exploit her weakness. She has replaced the aggressive Mr Timothy and Ms Hill with a single chief of staff, the popular former MP Gavin Barwell. After her woefully misjudged visit to the site of the Grenfell Tower fire last month, where she failed to meet survivors, she has had a better few days. “She’s laughing again,” says one Downing Street insider.

It’s such a relief to learn that she’s found something to laugh about. I feel like such a swine for having failed to appreciate that the real victim in all these disasters was Theresa May.

How could I have failed to see her pain? I guess it’s because, as “One Conservative MP” said,

She has the real sense of duty of a vicar’s daughter.

Sense of duty. Stoicism. I’m sure that’s the only thing keeping her from emigrating abroad to have an easy life on the public dole, as one does.

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