Unusual honesty from the tabloid press

The response to the French election in the nationalist UK press is unusually revealing. The Daily Mail left it off the front page entirely, though it had touted Le Pen after the first round. The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mirror published headlines that present Macron’s election as a setback for Britain’s Brexit plans. The Telegraph wrote “France’s new hope puts cloud over Brexit”, while the Mirror had “Why the new French leader could be bad for Brexit deal”. (The Daily Mirror, it should be noted, opposed Brexit.)

If the only thing that could be good for Brexit would be for France to elect a fascist president, doesn’t it kind of make you wonder about the wisdom of the whole project?

2 thoughts on “Unusual honesty from the tabloid press”

  1. Back when I lived in the UK I’d have probably voted for Brexit.
    But as an expat in Germany, Brexit seems like a bad idea to me now.

    Weirdest of all is that I can still see both sides of this argument. I feel one side emotionally and honestly, the other I’ve thought out logically and pragmatically.

    Perhaps I’m becoming a… a… a German?

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